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Job well done!

Here are my grades for this past fall semester that just ended:

Anatomy and Physiology: A+
Medical Office Procedures I: B
Medical Office Computer Applications: A
Processing Health Insurance Claims: A
GPA: 3.750

Next semester is my final one, and it will be all of my clinical classes! Actually, I will have to do my externship in the Spring, so I guess I have two more semesters! I am very happy I am almost done--I've been in school for nearly two years to become an MA (five years all together). I do have my Associate's Degree, thus far, but that's for General Arts. Yay =)

Re: Job well done!

Excellent job!!! You are going to make one hell of an MA!! =).
I can't wait till I am done so can finally get my degree. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do, almost 5 years with two different majors before this. I love Medical Assisting. This was my first quarter of 6. My grades were also good. I got an A in Basic clinical assisting procedures, an A in Medical Office Procedures, a B+ in Human Organism ( which is a prerequisite class to A&P 1 and 2), a B in Medical Terminology and a B- in Intro to Psychology. I think I made deans with a 3.4. I have never done this good in college which tells me one thing, I am in the right place.

Your Professional Title/Credentials: Student Medical assistant

Are You Still In School? yes

Are You Working? yes but not as MA, pharmacy tech

Re: Job well done!

Great job both of you. You will sharpen the image of MA's!!!

Your Professional Title/Credentials: BS, AD, CNA, SMA

Are You Still In School? Yes

Are You Working? No