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What would you say during interview?

I offered 2 wk notice when I left last job after 1 year of employment in an unprofessional environment. Employer/supervisor did not take it well.They acted quite unprofessional about it. I stayed in the situation for 1 year for the experience but my 2 wk notice was rejected and I would not be surprised to get a negative reference from this office even though my performance, attendance, competency was never compromised. Do I warn potential employers of a possible bad reference because of their unprofessionalism? Should I mention that this was a difficult position but I managed to committ for 1 year? See details on "how much flexibility is required post" to hear details on the environment I worked in. I have to use last position on's my only source of MA work experience.

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Re: What would you say during interview?

I did not know a 2w notice could be rejected. I do not know where you live but in California a employer can not by law say anything bad about you; they can however say they would not hire you again when asked. If it comes up in the interview just be honest, tell them what you just told us and give an example or two and say that you respect your position as an MA and the medical feild too to participate in such an unprofessional enviroment.