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1st day critisisim

well i had my first day as an offical extern an it went pretty good the patients kept rolling in i got to watch them deal with a case of possible mrsa, uti i got to observe how to do a urinalysis, cellulitis, a few cases of bronchitis, and a subasious cyst, an of coarse do vitals, i got to discharge a few patients also and also i got to watch how the paperwork gets done an i even got to do some of it
I also recieved some construtive critisisim 3 issues
First issue I wore my hair out of my face with a head band when I should have had it in a pony tail because it is passed my shoulders,

Second issue I also got told that she can smell that I smoke I need to do something to cover up the smell there are steps that I did take for this issue

1 I have cut down from 2 packs a day to 1 pack a day while my hubby continues to smloke his 2 packs a day I am still trying to quit an am making progress.
2 I have been smoking outside I found out that when I told him about the comment he admitted to smoking in the house still this is changing he is not to smoke in the house.
3 When I wash an dry the scrubs that I choose to wear that day I make sure I use the dryer sheets with frebreze in them.
4 I am now also going to bag my scrubs once they are fresh out of the dryer to keep them smelling fresh with a fresh new dryer sheet.
5 I am going to pour some frebreze in a trial size spray bottle to use after I take my break.
6 I am going to continue to make progress on quiting smoking untill i quit completly.

Third issue is not so easy to solve I am 35 years old and I have no teeth I had to have them all pulled I have no insurance to get any either and cant even afford to save money because things are so tight but I have had alot of people tell me that you cant even tell that I dont have any
I was told from an employers point I would not be even consider for employment because I have no teeth.

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Re: 1st day critisisim

As for the smoking thing, don't smoke before you go into work or while you're there. Febreeze really won't do anything other than cover up the smell, and then you'd have to deal with having that perfum-ey smell on you.

As for the teeth...check around on the internet and look for low-cost Dental practices. There are some community ones around here that offer free dental services.

Re: 1st day critisisim

It's sad that you are considered "unhirable" because of your teeth...but alas, that is the world we live in. Here's something you might try...write a letter explaining how you came to lose your teeth, and why you desperately need help with fixing the problem, with the focus on why... ask in the letter if anyone would be willing to either take your case pro-bono (not sure on the spelling), or allow you to pay via very small incruments,long term. Then mail the letter to all the local dentists. Perhaps, if your able to convey in the letter that no one owes you anything (they don't), but that a bit of kindness would allow you to help yourself, then perhaps some dentist out there might be willing to help... The worst that can happen is you get no answer back, or the answer no back. The very best? A new smile...

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Re: 1st day critisisim

Sounds like you are in a good externship. Key word here...professionalism. This includes appearance which encompasses how we smell too! I don't wear any scents to work. I realize that smokers aren't aware how strong the cigarette smell is on them. When you add a cover-up fragrance, it's worse! When you're a non-smoker, you'll get a patient from the waiting room and you'll KNOW they smoke. You'll be so glad you don't smell like that anymore! As for your teeth, try calling a dental assistant school. Maybe the instructors know of a program for sliding scale dental fees. You'll need every advantage you can get in this field. Don't let your appearance prevent you from starting your career.

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Re: 1st day critisisim

Some of us feel that a low cost dental insurance is a good answer. Unfortunately , there are many 'plans' that are actually scams. Here is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners web site . On this site , you can check any insurance plan to see if it is legitimate . They also offer help in finding an alternative to pay for health bills.