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Medial Assistants salary

Salary for MA's are sooo bad, the most you get pay as a MA is 15 UDS/hr, sometime not even benefits, Office Dr's use MA's for everything, take X-Rays, Ekg, Phlebotomy, referrals,pharmacy calls, we do all clerical work, and we get pay with only one salary, doing what could be three positions, Must of the clininc dont wan to hire X-ray or Phlebotomist tech, so they can save money using MA's for everything, you become the balance between dr's and Patients. It's very hard and its not well pay. Think about it and look for other career.

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Re: Medial Assistants salary

Its a great job for a house wife that has become restless...but to survive on and NOT be in poverty...not this career

Re: Medial Assistants salary

i make 8 bucks an hr for the Dr office i work at it blows