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Feel in trouble;not getting all i should from school

As of yesterday it's been a year since I started school. I've been through 9 teachers, and each time they are just thrown into the classroom w/ no knowledge of what we're working on. In June I start my externship & when i applied to school, I was told they have over 20 places for us to do our externship. Now all of a sudden they have none. It is up to the students to find a place. When I call to inquire all of the places tell me they don't deal w/ the students only the school directly, so how do I find a place when my school won't help. When i tell the school director i'm told to keep looking. Feeling like i'm wasting my time and money. Starting to get depressed, need some encouraging words. PLEASE HELP ME.!.

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Re: Feel in trouble;not getting all i should from school

Try calling around to local offices, or even to your own doctor and see if they would allow you to extern. I really hope you can find someplace...

Re: Feel in trouble;not getting all i should from school

If an externship is part of your program, you paid for it and the school has to provide it. Tell your school that if they don't provide you with an externship, you will be contacting the board of education (in your state)

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Re: Feel in trouble;not getting all i should from school


That was exactly what I was going to say. If the program is accredited, they HAVE to offer an externship. If you have the school catalog from when you started, it should state their policy in there about extenships; and they should be held to that.

If you want to continue looking for a place while you are trying to hold them accountable, you might try your State Medical Society. You've come too far to give up now....fight!

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