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Any tips??????????

I will be starting the Medical Assistant Program soon and was wondering if anyone had any TIPS OR ADVICE for me? How to do well/ get ahead etc.

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Re: Any tips??????????

My advice to you is the advice I am following for myself...


Keep on top of can easily overwhelm you if you put it off. (Unless you happen to be the kind of person that really does better with a deadline looming....some folks need that extra push!)

Also, I plan to utilize every available tool at my disposal, especially my instructors.

And finally....I plan to make the best impression I can at every opportunity. People are watching us to see what kind of practitioner/employee we will make.

We can do this!


Re: Any tips??????????

I am at the last 6 weeks of my Medical Assistant schooling and my advise: Take notes, use flashcards do YOUR VERY BEST. It is a lot of information to take in and if you miss ONE BEAT, it feels like your going to fall behind. Be ON YOUR GAME!! Get study buddies, get phone numbers and most of all make sure you REALLY want this. Don't get overwhelmed, take each piece one at a time. Remember what you put into your education your career will blossom. I am close to my externship and that feels most fearful to me than the knowledge I engulfed. Lastly, just remember to HAVE FUN, DO YOUR VERY BEST and LISTEN, ASK QUESTIONS AND MAKE SURE YOU GET EVERY BIT OF IT.

Your Professional Title/Credentials: Student

Are You Still In School? yes

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