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Certified Medical Assistant vs LPN

In 1995 I became a Certified Medical Assistant. Since then, I have looked into and considered completing a LPN program as LPN's do make about $2 to $4 dollars a more per hour than I do as a CMA. However, I have never had difficulty in acquiring employment as a CMA whereas I have several friends who are LPN's and they have had a much harder time finding employment outside of working in nursing homes.

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Re: Certified Medical Assistant vs LPN

you'll be better off to look into a r.n. program.
more room to grow professional.
there seems to be phasing out of l.p.n.
i seen this in my area.

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Re: Certified Medical Assistant vs LPN

Maybe because RN treats LPN'S like trash is the hospitals reason why LPN'S chooses to work in Nursing Homes AND PLUS LPN'S feel like they have some power in nursing homes

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Re: Certified Medical Assistant vs LPN

RNs do not treat LPNs like trash. Maybe a few you have run into do; that is very sad. LPNs do not work in hospitals because they are being phased out in the hospital setting. Most are working in LTC and have quite a lot more say than they would working under an RN in a hospital. In my area at least, there is usually only one or two RNs in an entire TLC and the rest are LVNs that manage a wing to themselves and all the CNAs under them.

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