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Hey I am starting the Medical Assistant program at my college Monday 8/31/09. Im just confused bc for about a year now I heard on tv,internet, etc. that this is one of the fastest growing careers and will continue to be for some years to come.However, it seems like many people on here are having a hard time getting a job so, its very confusing. I should probably try and talk to the director at my college and ask her about this/other questions I have. Also, they say theres a shortage in nursing, but it seems like EVERYONE is going for it so how is that? I was in the RT program at my college but im switching long unfair story.

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Re: confused??

When I was in training for my MA degree, there were quite a few folks who were there to get their foot in the door and had plans to do other things such as an RN program. IMO, it was a waste for them unless they just needed a job as a stepping stone, even then MA programs are much more $$ outlay than a CNA program, "to get your foot-in the-door."

The Medical field need overall is growing so it follows that more workers are needed. The regional medical center where I live has over 20 RN positions always posted on the HR site. It is also my opinion that as the field grows and doctors become more thinly spread, NPs and PAs will be in more demand also, those doctors, NPs and PAs will need MAs to help them.

A case in point, my dentist employs about 6 dental assistants and 3 front office types that I can see.

At my last MA job the ortho doc I worked for wanted me to attend a casting seminar, so I could do that and he could spend his time elsewhere. Casting is time consuming and all my other duties were put on hold when that was going on. Other office procedures also took time but I never felt trapped and time constrained the way I did when we were casting. Often the other doctor's MA had to do things for us when we were involved with casting. Speaking of the other doc and his MA, I often assisted her doc with casting so she wasn't tied to it and could continue making the office "flow" and her doc could get to the other patients.

So my short answer is I don't think the field is going to be too flooded and they, the PAs, NPs and docs will find new ways for us to help them. Between attrition due to age and life changes the field will remain in need, not like they need RNs but still there will be a need.

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