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Infection control perspective

My new perspective on infection control

We all have been trained on infection control, either in school or on the job; last night I gained a new perspective that may not be apparent at first glance.
I started breaking out with poison oak. My poison oak allergy isn’t the minor rash most folks get, I get dime to nickel size blisters, fever and I swear I can feel my pulse in most of my extremities. Oh ya, I get grumpy too.
We had two gentlemen in the office I suspect had been cutting wood or working in the forest Friday morning, but it could have been a kid or anyone.
When someone comes in the office who may have pink eye or MRSA I have tried to go out and wiped down the front desk, the chair they sat in and stuff they may have touched… not always possible. I never thought about someone tromping through poison oak/ivy and leaving the oil residue all over the legs of the chairs they sit in at the front office, exam rooms, the lab.
Because I have poison oak on the back side of my right arm, I suspect I brushed up against a patient when I was taking B/P. I was taught to wash my hands in school, not take a bath, but I will be washing to my elbows now. I suspect that I may have spread this all around the office. The nurses station is my big concern, when I went to get the next chart or look at who was coming in next, our MAs, RNs and providers use the same surface. That would have been a great place to ensure everyone in the office got a dose of the oil.
I’ll be doing more than washing my hands from now on…

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Re: Infection control perspective

Wow!!!! I LIKED that!!! Yes...

"When someone comes in the office who may have pink eye or MRSA I have tried to go out and wiped down the front desk, the chair they sat in and stuff they may have touched…".

And again, yes to the prevention of inadvertent spread of Poison Oak!!! Something that could be so very easily missed.

Big Kudos. And thanks for posting.


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Re: Infection control perspective

Well done, Jeff! You've proven why you're a good employee!!