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Exam Help nerves are SHOT

Hello I am going to be taking my exam in a few weeks my teacher made a review packet for us with over 200 questions on it and I went through and did them all, however I have been looking online at practice tests and I bought a book from barns and nobel and the test on the end of that book the teacher did not teach any of this I havent learned about documentation anything like that can anybody e mail a practice test to me

What is on this test I really dont know if our teacher has me properly prepared im so nervous any help would be great
ty all


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Re: Exam Help nerves are SHOT

I have taken 2 tests for certification(phlebotomy and x-ray) and I am truly nevered up about this test. I have heard all kinds of horror stories and have taken several on line tests and I swear I get more wrong answers and topics I haven't even seen that questions are based on. I sure know how you feel!

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Re: Exam Help nerves are SHOT

Sarah, you will be fine. Don't stress yourself to the point of exhaustion. I took the CMA test in Oct. and felt as you do. Questioning if I were truly prepared. My teachers were not the best, and I felt like I would bomb the test. I am an avg. student and scored an 89. It is not that hard, really. I just finished my extern today, and let me tell you, I was not prepared. My teachers did a crappy job yet I STILL PASSED. Focus and you will be fine.

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