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I kinda wrote a previous post about this sorta....but anyways...I have been at my college since FA 07 originally took 1 semester of pre reqs and then entered my old program RT and alot of drama happened with that so last semester my 3rd I switched to the Medical Assistant program. I thought my degree audit was all set and I was supossed to take 5 classes this semester and like 4 or 5 in the fall and I was supossed to graduate in the Fall 10!!! However my college which is private and a catholic based school is very backwards (I have financial aid through them thats part of the reason I stayed). Anyways once again all of a sudden last Wed I was doing something online for the financial aid office at the school and noticed it showed I was registered for only 2 of my 5 classes! I did not get any notification in the mail until Sat. that these classes were cancelled and classes started today. Its so unbelievable and frustraing, so ever since last Wed. I have been trying to get this figured out and contacted my adviser(also my program director/teacher), a teacher of which some of the classes were cancelled, down in advisement bc my adviser said she didnt have my folder and I pretty much got the run around. I finally was told to call the receptionist for the guy who was in charge of cancelling these classes and she called me back last friday saying they said not to worry HOW CAN I NOT? SOO..I was told to meet with the Dean Of academic affairs today at 10am which I had as a teacher last semester and by then they shoulda talked with eachother and have something figured out for me. Of course I go there and he didnt even get to talk with anyone yet!The problem is that I was told when we made the schedules for my 2 remaining semesters that these 3 classes thast were cancelled would not be offered next semester?! They do not understanasd that this affects alot like financial aid and my LIFE!See my school has an alternate location kinda far from my house to which I would have no way to that they were mentioning that I could take classes there this semester, but I tried to explain that what good is that if the 3 classes they cancelled on me werent going to be offered next semester?! They started to say since your graduating next semester they would have to offer them to you, IDK why they cant just let me take these classes now because it messed soooo much up for me! THe dean of academic affairs wants me to call him back who knows he prob. will not even try to help me as much as he can and is just going to ask if I can get transportation to the other site when I already told him I doubt it. SORRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYY SOOOOOOOOO long I just wanna know what I can/should do if they do not help me out?