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why dont i have a chane of getting hired?

Hi, I just started doing my externship in a small doctor's office. I'm only there 5 hours a day for 4 days a week. Like into the second hour of my second day there I was nicely told that they were not going to let me do much or really train me that much because I woudnt be there after my externship was over. Now I went through the whole process of giving them my references, my resume, and an interview and I was accepted as an extern. I feel like I did everything right my first day, even though I wasn't allowed to do much. I did notice that only nurses were working in the back, and experienced workers in the front. I don't understand why just during my second day there, and even before I got to work with any patients, they told my I am just there for my externship and nothing more. Please tell me what you guys think. Personally I don't think that was very fair.

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Re: why dont i have a chane of getting hired?

Short answer: do your job, to the best of your abilities, when you leave ask if they will write you a recommendation. Conduct yourself as a professional.

Don't get hung up on this little glitch, it might be a test to see how you handle things. If they truly don't involve you in the process, get with your externship coordinator at the school and see if there is an alternative site.

Hopefully this is not your only externship experience. Through my school, we had two. Both my externships, front and back office, were in different parts of the same very large clinic. Front office was in Peds/Immediate Care while back office was in the Ortho/Podiatry area. Different supervisors, folks, outlooks, procedures, pace and tools change how a student sees the clinic in a hurry.
Good luck!

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