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I need someones advice or help please very stressed w/ my college again!

Hi, I do not even know where to start with my college it is so disorganized and has given me a lot of trouble unfortunately so sorry if long! I go to Trocaire college it is an accredited private catholic college and I am supposed to be graduating in the fall with an Associates. The college is very expensive but I have had problems but I stayed because I had some aid through the school. I have to take like useless classes in my opinion such as philosophy and sociology etc. I feel my timed is consumed with those kinds of courses and in my medical assistant lab/clinical classes I have not learned much at all! I started the program last semester (total of 3 instead of 4 since I had alot of classes done before). I guess there was some sort of discrepancy so there was like 2 of us in the "main classs" that was supposed to be clinical based blood pressure etc. The other girl didnt even show up really so I had very little practice. Now this semester the main class is labratory based urinalysis, finger ***** etc. and there are more girls but I do not even know if the teacher will even cover what I missed out on last semester!? I just feel like I have been at this college too long and just want to graduate but I hope I get the practice. I do not know what they do with all the money certainly do not have a real practice room or many materials for us. To top it off this semester they canceled 3 of my courses at the very last minute with last minute notification. So that messed up so much, after getting the run around at the school they came up with a partial solution but a lot is still messed up. Now I am left with 17 credit hours to take during the fall (supposed to be graduating then)which I know is going to be too much especially with externship etc. I am hoping they offer one of the classes I need during the summer so I wont have to take so much in the fall! They usually do not even offer these during the summer either so idk. I just found out all of my financial aid/scholarships will not pay though since I have to be full time for those :( I just do not know what to do anymore?1 Any suggestions? Sorry so LONG! Thanks

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