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Jobs from your externship

I am wondering if the best bet for getting a job is from an externship? Seems I am reading lots of negative things about getting hired, and this may be the only way I am hired. Any opinions, plus I live in Montana where we are slowly dying economy wise, I know others are too.

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Re: Jobs from your externship

I know I passed this piece of advise onto someone else in another post, but I think its the best advice I have ever received. Just keep in mind as you do your externship, its the longest job interview you will ever go through. I kept that in mind and two weeks after I finished my externship, they hired me on fulltime but on a temp basis. To this day, I'm still working there. Just keep yourself busy at all times when the workload is slow. Things that I did during slow periods was help with boxing up old charts, sterlizing surgical instruments, learning front office skills, which has paid off for me. Show them that you are a teamplayer and that their team cannot operate without you. Good luck!!!

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Re: Jobs from your externship

Russ, I have quoted your advice at the Cert Med Assistant main site, and hope you don't mind! You can check it here:

Thank you for your continued participation and sharing what you have learned helping others.

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Re: Jobs from your externship

Thank you Danni. I know I don't visit this site as much as I would like to, but when I feel compelled to pop in with something that will be of help to anyone, I feel its my responsibility to do so. It only will help us all grow as we move forward.
Thanks for the recognition.

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Re: externship

i my name isatu conteh i will to do my extermsip for 2 week please me know if u need me call me at 408-509-3269 thank u

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Re: Jobs from your externship

Your saying has inspired me and I too have used your quote and references to your quote to my class mates to help them have a different aspect on there externship site. Thanks for quote and i hope you do not mine me passing this quote on with your reference to your site.

Thanks for the inspiration it will be with me through my externship and my working days to come.

Sarah B.

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