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Hello I just found this site. I have been a Dental Assistant for a long time yet i wanted to go into the Medical field. I went and graduated from a year long program adn still cant find a job in the Medical Assisting. I am so bumbed. All i hear is they want experience. But i think dentistry gives me more experience then someone who has never had any health care at all. I also notice I go to the web sites to put in at hospitals and I cant get any job there either. I want so bad to be a nurse all my life yet I have always been lead off the track. But i keep going i am now 40 yrs old and I have this overwhelming urge to help people and I cant seem to get that across to the interviewer. Im not good at interviews and i am not as confident as some people but ive even had patients tell me i need to open my own office up for dentistry or something because of my ability to read patients and understand them to me it is so important to treat people with respect and dignity and to have compassion that i dont see any where any more. Why cant i get my foot in the door to show people id be a good addition to there team without begging? I am thinking of going back and Do LPN school since it seems like no one wants to hire MED ASSISTANTS. It is very discouraging. Since i paid 9000.00 to go to that school. Well and more really. Thats what i have left to pay. The LPN course i heard is only 2000.00 But i am taking care of my Mother and working so i went a year and a half working full time going to school at night full time and taking care of her and my dad whom past away. So i may have to wait a little longer to go to that school. Im just afraid if i keep doing dentistry i will soon forget what i learned in school.Any advice?

Your Professional Title/Credentials: Dental Assistant also a NRCMA

Are You Still In School? No

Are You Working? Part time