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rma vs cma

I am getting ready to start school for medical assistant. I was told by the school that I would be a RMA after I pass the exam. I want to then take the exam to become a CMA. They are saying I do not need to. Others are telling me I do need to. Is there a waiting period? Some say you need to work for a year as an RMA before you can take the exam for the CMA.

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Re: rma vs cma

Hello there, When you are done with school it would be best to wait 90 days after your graduated that way you have plenty of time to study for the exam. There is really no difference between RMA and CMA with the exception that the (AAMA)does the CMA exam and (AMT) does the RMA certification exam. I hope that helps and good luck with school.

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Re: rma vs cma

Don't wait 90 days. I only studied one month for my RN exam and it is one of the hardest exams out there. The longer you wait between graduating and taking the exam the harder it gets. Don't take it too soon either, give yourself a few weeks to study, and study smart. When I took my CMA exam I found a review class that was in my area. Contact your states medical assisting association, see if they have local chapters and if the local chapter has a review course.

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