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How do I find an externship?

I just found out today that the college I'm going to isn't going to offer me an externship for my MA training. I've worked so hard to get this far. Does anyone have any ideas on how to find an externship on my own?

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Re: How do I find an externship?

That is a bad school. What exactly are you paying them for??

I would start contacting all the offices in your area, "Hi my name is X, I am a medical assisting student at X school. We are required to find our own externship experience and I was hoping your office could train me. I have an X GPA and am eager to learn from your experienced staff. I would be happy to come by and speak to you about this is person"

I still think it is wack that your school is not placing you at sites, although this is something you should have research when you were deciding on schools to apply for.

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Re: How do I find an externship?

where are you located

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Re: How do I find an externship? in downey cal area

I really appriciate my wife needs info, or if your clinic or hosp takes students for externships.It would Blessing my wife is a superwoman, wise and hard working. My wife needs to finish it stills needs over 100 hrs. Please reply urgently time is running out for her, Iam worried for her, thanks million(downey cal area)

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