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Hi, I was wondering if anyone here works as a cma in a obgyn office or did their externship there? What are your job duties there, and since this is a specialty office is the pay somewhat higher? I am supossed to go out on my externship next semester (do not feel like I was taught enough to go out !?)I think that I would like to work in a OBGYN office after I graduate, but she probably will send me somewhere far away and to a general doctors office. I think that if I did my externship at a OBGYN office I would have a better chance at getting hired then if I do my externship at a general office then have to apply to the OBGYN. I would love to know ahead of time that I have a job after I finish my externship!


I know that I am not in that field but I too understand what you mean. I am in school now and I feel that I have not been given all the information needed to go out to clinicals. IT was rushed in my program like here do this learn it and you better know it before clinicals. I was and am still alittle overwhelmed.

The chapter on gynecology we aren't even doing the whole thing because she says that we will not even being going to a OB/GYN but its like what if some of want to why not get that knowledge????

Your teacher like mine wont prolly send you there, you might want to look into going to one of your own time and asking can you volunteer or something in your spare time. I hope that helps and good luck

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I had a shadow assignment for two semesters at an OB/GYN. I roomed patients, did some CLIA-waved urine tests, and assisted with Pap smears and other procedures. I didn't get to do anything evasive, like injections or phlebotomy.

In a few weeks, I will do my externship in a family practice. I'm really looking forward to it!


I also wanted to add: I am graduating from a community college program, and I feel VERY ready to go out in the field! My education has well prepared me for just about anything to come my way!


YOUR LUCKY LOL.. yeah its like expecting an education out of my college is too much after its a private catholic college thats expensive! Last semester my first semester of the program after I switched it was only me and this other girl in the class that was supposed to focus on clinical things like blood pressure etc. The other girl barely showed up and so I didnt really learn anything. This semester there are 3 new girls the other dropped out I assume but we barely did anything and this particular class is supposed to labatory based like urinalysis and stuff like that. We are supossed TO PRACTICE DOING EKG'S NEXT CLASS (I was suposed to do last semester but the other girl never showed up!) I just feel so unprepared to go out to the externship site! The program director/teacher of the medical assistant program also does lpn and I feel like she neglects our program. The other girls who just started this semester arent as nervous as i am because they have longer to go. Its the end of the semester and I do not see how I am going to be ready to go out next semester and Im supossed to be graduating...I feel like its too late now and that I CANT REALLY BAD MOUTH THE TEACHER. The school also cancelled 3 of my classes at the beginning of this semester with very last minute notification. NOW next semester I haver to take more classes than I wanted/expected to take on top of my 160 hrs. of clinicals! I just do not want the externship site to think im dumb or that Im a bad student because I have a high GPA but what am I supossed to tell them that my teacher didnt teach us ? IDK what to do. THANKS