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DEBATE 2MMRW on active euthanasia...please any help if you can!

Hi, so I have a debate in my ethics in health care class tomorrow at 230ish on the side of pro active euthanasia. I never did a debate before and none of the teams ever got together (the teacher just thinks we can talk for a few minutes b4 the debate and that it will be okay lol)My side the PRO goes first for 5 mins then the team that was assigned to debate against it goes. Then we get 3 to 5 mins for a rebuttal to the other sides arguments. Then the rest of the class the audience who is doing there debate the next class can make comments/ask q's then we make a brief closing statement. He had us do an ouline from stuff in the book but its not that big the outline. Im worried because I never did one before and do not know what exactly happens and I do not like being the center of attention. He said to spaek confidently and maintain constant position, and seek to avoid mere personal opinion experiences, gut reactions, personal attacks. We are supposed to make a persuasive argument but isnt that hard if you cant go with how you feel? I would appreciate any help im scared! Im also super stressed because my uncle has been in the hospital on life support...IT HAS BEEN A HORRIBLE YR AND A HALF FOR MY FAMILY SO MANY PPL PASSING AWAY. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP

Re: DEBATE 2MMRW on active euthanasia...please any help if you can!

Interesting. My gut instincts tell me that if you follow the guidelines as you have typed out (speak confidently, follow your instincts) you will do just fine. 5 minutes will fly in a flash. Before you even really got into it, it will be over. Just know, and express how you really feel on this highly controversial subject. Euthanasia is against the law. Dr. Kevorkian spent several years in prison for his beliefs and actions. He is now out, and on parole. In a recent interview with Larry King, he stated that he still is a strong proponent, and has no regrets. He has many that support him, and many that oppose his methods. If you are on the pro team, pretend you are him, if you are on the con team, pretend you are speaking to him when you give your presentation.

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Re: DEBATE 2MMRW on active euthanasia...please any help if you can!

Thanks for your input, it might of not been clear in my previous post, but my problem is that he DOES NOT want us to use our opinions/gut reactions so how do you debate on something then? He said just have a persuasive argument but doesnt that include opinion? We had to make an outline to hand in after the debate based on stuff in our books which pretty much is all opinion. Im confused...:)

Re: DEBATE 2MMRW on active euthanasia...please any help if you can!

Well, in that case base everything you say on facts, not opinion, and stick to it. It is challenging but if you can come up with hard facts and elaborate a little, your goal should be to just fill the 5 minutes. I haven't researched your topic, and so, I am stating just a couple facts from the top of my head that you might find useful.

1. euthanasia is controversial and illegal in the USA except in Oregon
(See Euthanasia, should it be legal?
2. people in extreme pain are desperate, or hopeless, this renders a danger of abuse
3. financial interest and gain
4. contradicts religious beliefs
5. mass murder took place in Germany during World War II where over 100,000 people were killed in the Nazi's euthanasia program, such as the mentally retarded, handicapped, and unwanted.

All points to ponder. Just stick to the facts.

Dr. J Forest Witten warned that euthanasia would give a small group of doctors "the power of life and death over individuals who have committed no crime except that of becoming ill or being born, and might lead toward state tyranny and totalitarianism." This includes various forms:
active and passive euthanasia by the patient, active and passive euthanasia by the physician with voluntary patient consent, active and passive euthanasia by the physician with patient refusal, active and passive euthanasia for an unconscious patient.

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