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Im currently in medical assisting school and i really need help answering these questions! please

please if you can, help me answer these questions, I really want to do good and need help!!

1) A new patient (Pt #1) enters your office and walks up to the window at the front desk. You are the only
MA working behind the desk, and you are already on the phone scheduling an appointment with another
new patient (Pt #2). Pt #1 is now standing at the window, looking straight at you, and wants your attention.
What do you do now? What is your goal in this situation? Why is it extra important to handle new
patients appropriately?
2) You are a new patient on your way for your first appointment at a local medical office. You enter the
office for your 12:30pm appointment, then walk up to the front window and say to the MA who is walking
behind the front desk “hello I am here for my appointment, could I please your restroom”. The MA replies,
“I’m on my break, please have a seta until someone can help you”. How does this make you feel? How
would you (as an MA) handle this situation at your office if a patient requested your help while you
were on break?
3) You are the only MA in the office, and the only ‘provider’ in the office is currently busy with a patient in
the back exam room. You are talking on the telephone to a new patient (Pt#1) who happens to be very
irate, you are trying to help schedule the first appointment (for Pt #1) at your office. Suddenly, the other
phone line starts ringing. What do you do now? What is your goal(s) in this situation?
4) (Continued from question #3 above) Let’s say you do pick up the other phone line that is now ringing,
what do you say to patient #1?
5) (Continued from question #4 above): After picking up the second phone line you hear the caller sobbing
and then the caller says, “help, I am in pain”, and then the sobbing continues. What do you do now?
What is your goal(s) in this situation?
6) It is 1:45pm, there are 8 patients sitting in the waiting room, another 24 are scheduled to arrive over the
next 4 hours. Suddenly you receive a call from the physician (your boss) informing that something came
up and they will not be able to come back to the office today. What do you do now? What is your
goal(s) in this situation?
7) A patient calls your cardiology office to cancel their appointment that is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.
What do you do now? What is your goal(s) in this situation?
8) Provide a brief summary of HIPAA, and how it relates to the patient and the medical office.
9) You just received a call from your sister who lives in another state. She says she is getting married in two
months and that you have to be in the wedding. You would need to leave work Wednesday night in order
to make it on time for the wedding rehearsal. Write a time-off memorandum to your boss, asking for
time off.

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Re: Im currently in medical assisting school and i really need help answering these questions! pleas

Hello! And thank you for browsing our Medical Assistant forum. I hope you enjoy your medical assistant program, and the challenges, and fun stuff alike. I could be wrong, but seems to me, that you are posting homework questions. I am not sure if anyone here will tackle them for you. Let's see if anyone answers.

If you are having a hard time with these questions, why didn't you speak with your instructor, or did you? Also, do you have a study partner in class? In our class, each one had a lab partner, and we sometimes stayed after school to do homework or assignments as a group.

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