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Externship placement not up 2 Part,Am I wrong or What?

My Externship was in an office where my main duties were injections,drawing of blood,phlebomoty,urine specimen collection,pap smear procure.Not an up to date office,everything was done manually no electronic equipment,so I had no chance to learn nothing pertaining to medical records etc.,The main function depened on students or it did'nt function.My main question is should'nt externship placment be on a more up scale atmospear where as students can learn more solid based training on all that they where schooled on,not saying I did'nt learn a lot,but not all that I felt I should have ,to go out in my field,should'nt the school of training be more up on the best of the student's needs in externship placement,I feel left out.So I'am saying be careful, because some Dr's office's use only student's to make their money with no intent of hiring,they don't have to as long as they can get by with no real paided employee's Am I wrong or what? What are my chance's when it seem's like,no it's apparent that when an up and coming New CMA is excited and looking for employment the only jobs out here want's 1 or more year's exprience. Where's the logic,but I'am staying strong and not giving up, this is a dream of mine after 55yrs of living,"It's now or never." Am I wrong or what?

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Re: Externship placement not up 2 Part,Am I wrong or What?

Hi there, To learn old school style is really great. It makes you more stronger, that you will know how to do both styles of your craft. That's such a blessing. I will put it this way there will be a day that the computers will break down and you will have to do everything manually and you have a leg up on the rest of those MA's that no experience with doing everything manually. Everything happens for a reason. I'm sorry you felt like you didn't learn anything, but things are revealed to us in such ways that we should welcome it and learn from it. There are jobs out there yours will come in such a way to you. That it will surprise you. May God be with you.

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Re: Externship placement not up 2 Part,Am I wrong or What?

I agree with Matt. On first job, they will hire you based on your training, experience, and attitude. If the externship site gave you a good review, and perhaps a letter of recommendation, then that is a huge plus. Knowing how to doing things the old way is a tremendous plus for the exact reason Matt mentioned. It is the foundation beneath the modern way, which you have also learned and practiced in your clinical and admin lab (classroom). Now that you have all this under your belt, make sure you thank the externship site, ask whether they will recommend you, if a possible employer requests a verbal or written recommendation, and aim for your certification. School is OVER! Don't look back. Your focus is you 1st new job.

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