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Is there a way to get help paying for the CMA exam?

Hi, im in a very stressful situation. I have been through a lot in the past few years. My college is really messed up and have had many problems there. Im going into my last semester in the medical assistant program for my asociates degree. The thing is my school has cancelled classes on me numerous times with very last minute notification, and some things I had to notice my self. So, this has really messed up my schedule throughout the program. I have to take way more than I planned on top of my externship which Im still waiting to find out whats going on with think I would know by now school starts soon! So pretty much Im going to school full time once again since starting right out of highschool in 2007. I really did not want to quit my job but im going to have to, and always being busy with college my bank account has gone down alot which I never use to let happen but now I have no choice. Im not sure what im going to do for money and I was wondering if anyone knows a way to get help paying for the certification exam? I would have to sign up very soon if I want to take it soon after graduating. Im just very stressed on top of not sleeping which im finally going for a sleep study this week. Thanks if you have any ideas!

Re: Is there a way to get help paying for the CMA exam?

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Thats very unfortunate.

I could be wrong about this but I have been told that some physicians will pay for your exam. If you can manage to get a job as an MA, and if the physician wants you to become certified, possibly they will pay for it. That's just what I hear from some people. I'm going to just go ahead and pay for it myself just to be on the safe side but I totally hear what your saying. Go on a few interviews and see what they say about your not being certified. You might find an office or two that don't mind. Good Luck, let us know how it turns out!

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Re: Is there a way to get help paying for the CMA exam?

Thanks, yes I will be graduating in December but wanted to take the exam soon after, I just thought maybe there were grants or something out there to help or something.