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Re: Did I make the right decision by becoming an MA?


Re: Did I make the right decision by becoming an MA?

Thank you Jeff for the advice and encouragement. I am going to apply for those positions that say 3-5 years....who knows right!

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Re: Did I make the right decision by becoming an MA?

That sounds A LOT like the school I go to!! I am the MA tutor, but when I need some help there is no one to go to! Its THEIR fault I am graduating 2 semesters later than I should have and they never help with ANYTHING! They have poor teachers, lowsy advisors and no one to turn to for real answers! And they are accredited! Its amazing to me the stuff that is allowed to slip through! And they wonder why no one wants to continue on this path or why we switch schools and head into a different direction all together.. We are over worked undertrained and mishandled way too often. There is no hope for us with problems like this!

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Re: Did I make the right decision by becoming an MA?

Yes Bugg its Aggravating!!! I recently graduated, and am scheduled to take the CMA exam next Tuesday! Im still looking for work, and feel cheated also, never learned venipuncture etc. What area are you from? I also do not have transportation right now, which makes it even harder,

Re: Did I make the right decision by becoming an MA?

I've been reading your valuable posts and advice. I am a former medical transcriptionist and health records clerk, as well as licensed health insurance agent and CSR for group and individual. I know the health field very well from office, but not clinical. Jobs are scarce, and I decided to go back to school for my MA and CMA upon graduation at a local professional technical school. It will take 50 weeks.
I'm excited to begin clinical medical work. The field is prosperous here in our area, and there is an externship offered in the program that could lead to employment. There is also job placement and classes towards professional development and employment skills.
I'm wondering if the people who are having the difficulties finding jobs are utilizing all the resources from their schools that have been offered as far as placement and additional services, and what the most difficult thing is about finding work as a CMA. Is it lack of experience? Lack of available jobs?
The field looks prosperous because of all the medical clinics and hospitals in the area I live in, but there are lots of places with less of these services, and that might be the issue for some graduates as well.
Thanks for sharing your job info and any other info you have about positive aspects to your training. I'm especially looking forward to venipuncture and assisting in minor office procedures!!!

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