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Re: Medical Assistant to LPN??

Do any MA courses transfer into an LPN program? not usually.

If you want to do a nursing program in my area, you have to have CNA experience. Don't waste your time with becoming an MA if you are ultimately interested in nursing.

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Re: Medical Assistant to LPN??

Well at least at my college (I live in western new york), I had alot of classes done and switched programs etc. but anyways, the only difference is 6 classes you would have to take for LPN after graduating with your medical assisting degree. So, the only difference in the degree audit is 6 classes.

Re: Medical Assistant to LPN??


do your research in your area on lpns.
this a very limit field. no really grow.
if you want to be a nurse. go a rn, more growth in different field of nursing. lots better pay,more job opportunities, my be you can try cna just to see if you are going to like pt. care.

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Re: Medical Assistant to LPN??

There is no MA to LPN. The only courses that would help you out are your GE course such as Sociology, psychology, English, ect. If your school goes by a merit system they may give you credit for medical experience; but most LPN programs are by lotto. If you want to become an LVN do not waste time getting your MA. Typical MA programs are two semesters and the LVN program is three, the courses are totally different so it is not like you can just take a third semester after two semesters of an MA program and become an LPN. Although LVNs and MAs have some of the same functions, an LVN and MA are like apples and oranges. An MA is not just like an LVN.

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Re: Medical Assistant to LPN??

I would say find a college that offers both programs and see how much of a difference there is between the programs (my college its 6 classes) because for both you need med term i believe etc.