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Re: Tech schools or Community Colleges?

I have a question, and it may be offensive to some, but I most definately don't mean it that way.

Would a person taking the MA program through an actual community college have a better chance of getting a job than someone who took the program through a tech school, like Everest?

Do employers take this into consideration at all or does it really not matter?

(On a side note, even with my extra time spent at school, I am STILL paying less for tuition than she is. Kind of crappy, if you ask me).

Hi Sybil,
I believe when it comes down to credentials, they're both the same. I think where this differentiate is the amount the school is costing. In my personal experience I went to local community colleges and had the worse experience. The guidance counselor wasn't even able to give me information on the program as a MA. She never told me her name and so forth. After being fed up with this, I decided to attend a private college to earn my degree as a MA. Yes, it's costing me more in the long run but, I'm also well informed on options, financing, career choices and even have a lifetime job placement. That being said I really like the choice I made in attending this college.
Now, for the second part about employers. Before, I started the healthcare path, I worked as operations manager for a major cellular company. One of my job functions was hiring candidates. I have to admit that one of the things employers DO look at is where the educational background stands. If an employer went off experience rather than where you received your credentials there would be no need for schooling. Everyone could just get a job based on experience and not a degree. Some employers are different though. You have to factor in that these are humans just like you and I and that they may be looking for something specific. Maybe they don't care where you went to school, but want your personality to shine. When faced with human resource managers who knows the reason why they choose certain people and not others. It could be even skin color (I hope not the case), but they don't have to tell you the truth. They can make a bogus lie and say something that won't get them fired or jeopardize the company. The true reason lies within their brain of thoughts. So, when searching for a job, give it your best. Give personality, stamina, determination. Don't worry about where you went to school. Worry about what's facing you to get the new job and what you have to do to get it.
Here's a hint on a successful interview also. Always check the background of the company and/or employer. They love it when you have knowledge about their company. When they started, how they started, people that are of importance in the company, etc. Employers find this info intriguing and love to bring people on that do research and know of them. Not only that they feel as though you'll be very informative to their patients as well. Good Luck!

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Tech School

hello everyone,

My name is Mimi, I live in Atlanta, GA . I have so many years experience of working in the medical field as a pharmacy Tech, Med. records Tech, Abstractor. I could not find a job after I got laid off from the Grady's hospital, so I decide to go back to school. I want to enroll in MA's program but I am so undecided which school should I attend? I visited the schools and talked the admissions of the MedTech in Tucker, GA, Iverson business school or Laurus Technical institute in Decatur, GA. They all accepted me.

the question I am asking is : have anyone ever heard any good or bad side of 3 above schools ?

I talked to the students, they said they do like the schools and the instructors are great.

I hope that someone else here know about those schools.

Thank you very much for your inputs, it would make a great impact on my health care profession!


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