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need advice. about externship etc....

Hi, I am going into my last semester of the medical assistant program next week (CAN NOT wait until the semester is done!)I still do not even know how much aid im short and my college will prob. tell me at the last second, which is really bad because I have no money left in the bank because I spent the last $125 on the AAMA certification exam so,I DO NOT know whats going to happen, school starts next week. This is so not like me I used to actually able to deposit money instead of withdrawing now im broke :( Anyways besides my school being pretty much horrible and messing everything up since i have been there, I need advice on my externship. Well the teacher who should have been talking with my externship site months ago to get things rolling just got into contact with them a few weeks ago and she finally returned my call after a long time trying to get a hold of her. She told me that more people have to sign contracts or something...and I do not even know if im going to this place and schools next week . SOOOOO.. I assume I have to go for like a pre interview to this office its obgyn by the way, does anyone know what I should expect and how to prepare? How do I and when should I bring up the fact to them that my teacher has not taught me everything im supposed to know by now? I try so hard and am soooo stressed out with the ongoing problems at this college and I "officially" found out I have insomnia which I already knew but do not know the specifics and bc school starts I cant get an appt. for another month with a specialist and I can not even function its that bad. Sorry to keep blabbing but I consider myself a good student got a 4.0 last semester so how do I tell the office that I pretty much was not taught properly? Thanks for all your help!