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Re: Anyone have experience in pediatrics?

For my externship I was told I was going to the obgyn office that I wanted to go to, but all of a sudden I might be going to a pediatric office (My teacher pretty much lied to me and didnt contact any sites until like 2 weeks before school started)I had to be the one to try and get a hold of her for 2 months to see where I would be going because she never told me. Anyways I guess that site is full but she told me the same day that she talked to the supervisor (which the suppervisor said she didnt talk to my teacher, and said I could go there..?. Anyways I have an interview type thing Tuesday for the externship and I do not know what to expect? I am worried that peds will be too much at one time for me being a student (Also I was alone in my ckincal based class and didnt get to practice blood pressure, pulse etc much at all and some things like blood draws etc. I never even was taught! So im even extra extra nervous because I do not feel like I know what im doing. How do I bring this up and when do I bring it up to the supervisor I do not want them to think it was my lack of tryig and that ITS JUST that I wasnt given many opportunities to practice. I did get a 4.0 last semester but I have had many problems with my college! Do you know what I will be doing in a peds office because we have to do administrative and clinical 160 hrs? I feel so lost! If they even let me come to the site, I have to do a orientation through an affiliated hospital and I do not know when or how long that will be (Hopefully not during classes). So im thinking I wont start for a few weeks and I have no idea how I am going to be able to get my 160hrs in bc I have alot of classes and homework. Im taking so many classes because my school kept on cancelling classes on me numerous times! Any advice and do you know if peds is considered a specialty and how much I might be making if I get a job there? Also, I used to go to this peds office when I was younger and its been there for years, but now there moving the office in December right around the time my symester ends so does that hurt my chances of being hired? THANKS SO MUCH!

Re: Anyone have experience in pediatrics?

I think you have heard this before from others on this board, but I have to say something....if you don't feel confident taking a blood pressure, then YOU ARE NOT READY TO EXTERN. That is one of the very basic things we do as medical assistants, and if you are not confident in that, you will not be confident with anything else either.

If your school did such a poor job teaching you, your school administrator needs to know about it.


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