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should we call out cheap doctors?

hi ive seen the posts on medical assistant pay and i agree on how we should raise wages, but i wonder should we and is it legal to boycott and tell others not to patron doctors who pay their staff to low?

i live by and Endo/diabetic doctor that pays his staff minimum wage and ive posted signs and sent letters to people telling them not to go there ive been threatned with a lawsuit, but isnt this my right?

ive read the posts that said that doctors have expences to and some should be able to pay little i say that is garbage because if they are makeing money off each patient where is it all going? im sure the payroll budget is not the same as the supply budget

Re: should we call out cheap doctors?

hey all im back, heather with all due respect you could get in alot of trouble for that. i took a job BELOW minimum wage because it was the only medical assistant jbo i could find and 6 bucks an hr is better than nothing right? well now i Make 11 hr all because a doctor took a chance and broke an unjust law that kept me from working bacuse my skills at the time were worth less than minimum wage (i feel very strongly we should abolish minimum wage but thats for another day) but Heather understand that pay is between employee and employeer and NO ONE elses business.

Ive met several people that would work for 5-6 hr now a days but cant causer its ILLEGAL

Re: should we call out cheap doctors?

Hi, Nate! Good to see you back and good to hear you are doing well. YES!!! HEATER, Nate is right you could get into a LOT of trouble for that. Slander, libel, bad light, and messing with someone's livelihood. Trust me, it would not go over nicely with the doctors. We DEFINITELY will NOT do it here.

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Re: should we call out cheap doctors?

Has anyone ever heard, "you get what you pay for."

Sure, you can accept jobs for low wages. Doctors (employers) in small practices (businesses) may actually have to offer low wage jobs like that to survive. There has to be a bonus for working in a place that pays low, otherwise people will use it as a stepping stone. I don't care who the employer is, they have to consider the cost of constantly training staff and mistakes made while learning how things work at the place of employment.

I'll use my wife's place of employment as an example. Even when qualified, experienced staff apply for a position, it takes one staff member off the floor to orient that newbie to policies at the location. They are already short staffed, then they make someone work slower explaining stuff as they go to bring the newbie up to speed. If they have constant turnover, it burns people out when they have to pick up the slack. Now add to that, folks like to have time off every-so-often. Pay a little better or deal with turnover, it is the employers choice.

When I was looking for work, I had so many positions taken by someone who had more experience. Or maybe they were fibbing and didn't want to hire a male. Whatever, I took my current job as a stop gap, but now I have been looking around and they pay pretty decent. I keep most of my MA skills up and enjoy the work most days. So, if I do have to move on, I will be well prepared to tackle the job. If the prospective employer can't or will not pay for my experience and skill I'll move on or stay where I'm at.

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