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Hi, I have to meet the supervisor of this pediatric office (which was a last minute switch and I wasnt expecting)tomorrow and I do not know what to expect. I mean I was originally told I would be going to an obgyn office in the same building, so I really do not know what to expect with peds, and what happens during this interview? I do not even know what im wearing yet yikes! ALSO when and how would I bring up in a professional manner that in my clinical based class, I pretty much was alone all semester with noone to practice on in class and therefore I wasnt given much opportunity to practice/learn skills such as blood pressure,pulse, respirations height weight etc. and some things such as blood draws and many more things I was not even taught!? I want them to know that Im willing to learn but it might take me a little while, but that I am a good student with a high gpa and signed up for the aama exam. The teacher probably lied and told them that I know this stuff. I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY ADVICE on anything! Also does anyone know if a pediatric office would pay higher than a family doctor and experiences and general tasks in a peds office? Thanks wish me luck I need it.


Hi there, I'm going to say one thing to you. You're not ready to start your externship. You state that you're taking more than 3 classes and you are also working full time. That's to much on your plate. When you're ready to start your externship you should only one class left to do while on your externship. When you are on your externship it will be according to their schedule,so what ever is work schedule you will have to make changes to it or else quit. It's up to you what you want to do. I would recommend finish up your classes that you are taking now and by that time you will be ready for your externship. You might have to take one more term but that would be better than making a fool of yourself and then your chances of getting a job with this clinic that you are talking about will not hire you. I would rather be ready all the way, and have all the skills I need to to do the job and learn as I go. If you go out now to this externship will be danger to yourself as well as others. So do yourself a favor don't go learn first,OKAY!!! Good luck in your journey.

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Well, I go to college full time 17 credit hours (they wanted me to take 20!) and I was working PART time BUT as of right now I will not be which is hard financially because I do not have the time. I was just looking for advice on how to prepare for the interview tomorrow (I will not actually start tomorrow). I am in my last semester which is when you are supposed to do your externship. The reason why I am taking so many classes is because of my messed up college. Like I stated previously, they canceled classes on me numerous times which I was not happy about...messing up my schedules throughout the semesters. So I am stuck taking more than planned (still would of been full time though) my last semester. I have been at this college way too long since 2007 but switched over to this program 2 semesters ago. I also feel like Im taking too much on but there are alot of things that would make it impossible to do it any other way. Whatever I do not know how to do by now, or need more practice on is due to my college and me being alone in my clinical based class a few semesters ago. I am trying hard and just wish they hadnt made things so hard.