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CERTIFICATION long did u study for exam?

Hello, I am scheduled to graduate in mid December so I signed up and mailed the application out for the aama exam August 20th (so I can take the exam in Dec. the earliest. I bought a review book and started studying over the summer but now I have been back to college the last few weeks and am taking alot which is very stressful because I did not want to take this much my last semester on top of my externship but due to my college I am stuck in a hard place. I havent even started my externship yet, probably will the 27th which I wanted to start a little earlier than that because I am really concerned about getting in my full 160 hrs. I am constantly doing homework and still never done,or I am at the college and my schedule is not great at all. Right now I do not have time to really study any review books because I have so much homework my business communication class is the worst! SO MY QUESTION IS: how long did you study before taking the exam? I didnt hear anything back yet about the certification exam sign up, but am pretty sure that I will have from mid/end of December until the mid/ end of March to take the exam. How much time do I need to finish studying for the exam if I cant really start studying much until mid/end December when my semester ends? I just hope it works out thanks!

Re: CERTIFICATION long did u study for exam?

I set my exam date as quickly after completing my course as possible (about three weeks altogether I think). Things were fresher in my mind that way. I have some classmates that waited for months after and now regret waiting so long!

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Re: CERTIFICATION long did u study for exam?

I studied the day before the exam and I passed with flying colors. Now I do not recommend studying the day before because you will be cramming the information instead of learning it. But, I think if you study at least a week before the exam you should be ok. That way when you take the exam, a lot of the information will be fresh on your mind during the test.

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