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Nevada/Las Vegas input if you please

here in LV, the comm college has a MOA (medical assistant) program that leads to eligibility for CMA certification. There are also a couple of proprietary programs, PIMA being the one I would consider, that lead to eligibility for RMA.

Looking from the outside in, it seems the comm college option is the better choice because of the cost and the CMA vs RMA (seems CMA for whatever reason is more widely accepted...). In addition the CC has a fast track option where they evaluate all prior college credit to apply it to courses in the program (for instance I took the year-long sequence of A&P and medical terminology already and it might count as their semester long human body and terminology of disease class). It seems like a no brainer to me.

I am just curious if anyone knows anything about either program to provide more insight for decision making.


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Re: Nevada/Las Vegas input if you please

I don't know about your particular program, but I am 100% in favor of using a community college for training. I did mine at a CC and I got and excellent, well-rounded education without all the hassels and worries you can have with a tech school or "diploma mill" type institutions. PLUS it is by far the most economical way to get your degree! Why pay $10 grand or more for credits that won't transfer anywhere afterward when you can get a better education for half the price? Good luck!

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Re: Nevada/Las Vegas input if you please

Thanks Jenny.

Yeah I feel the same way as you. I'd much rather go through the CC. And its an open program, meaning you don't have to go through a long application process - you simply have to meet the pre-requisites and take the courses in sequence - either full-time two semesters then the externship in the third, or part time for five semesters.

I checked the registration system (I'm currently a student there) and there are still open slots in most of the MA courses this term, so its not so full that students can't get in. I am just a little worried that maybe the school program has a bad rep or something. I am fairly certain the tuition is much much lower. I am paying $125 for one credit. I am pretty sure the program is around 30 credits.

I suppose the proprietary school charging $10K goes faster, its 38 wks or so. I guess its probably easier to get going there too, with multiple start dates and the ease of just enrolling and going to school in a very specific schedule (8-1 or so M-F) versus the CC where you have to register for each class and the hours can vary. For instance the "gateway" course to the program that you have to take as a pre/corequisite is offered only at night (630-930pm M and W for the entire semester!). That night class would be my only barrier but for a savings of over five grand I would see what I could do to make it work out before I gave up.

I am also considering the MLT program which is just slightly longer. I'd love the lab. I'd like a multiple skill-set though. I'd do both if I could!

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