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Just finished EXTERNSHIP!!!

Hi, so today was my last day at my externship! I only had a few hours left and I was supposed to meet with the manager at 1230 for an exit interview, and someone ended up telling me at 1250 she said she will be here at 130. 130 comes around and one of the Dr.'s hands me the phone. I talked to her but I was in the lunch room and there were workers in there with me. She apologized and said I do not want to make you wait any longer (she was taking care of some things at the other site), and started briefly going over my evaluation on the phone. I believe I have all satisfactory scores and a few excellents. She said she would mail it to the school. Anyways my teacher said she needs the form before she can submit my grade. I tried to call her before I found that out and now but no answer, but I left a message. The manager said that she would still like to go over it with me sometime next week. She said after I graduate keep on checking the catholic health website for openings, and she said you have my number. I talked to the other girl who was interning there who finished a little sooner than me, and she asked about a position and I guess they just hired someone (there moving the site). I didnt even ask and she was saying this to me, I dont think she said this to the other girl (I think). So maybe thats a good thing for me. Maybe she will bring it up more if we meet. Just thought I would let everyone know about my experience.

Re: Just finished EXTERNSHIP!!!

Ok so I just got back with meeting the manager to go over my evaluation. I got all satisfactory and some excellents. She said keep on checking the website, and keep in touch. She said she just interviewed about 7 people and had to turn many away because they didnt have both the administrative and clinical training otherwise they would probably have been hired. My school was supposed to teach me everything but they really didn't. She told me (there moving to a new site next Monday) that if everything goes as planned they will be hiring around summer time. I do not know what to do it sounds like she liked me, but do I wait and hope to be hired? I mean... I need time to study for the CMA exam in February anyways, but I also need money and was hoping to maybe find a job within the next few months. I still need to make a resume which I am meeting with someone at the school again tomorrow. I really have no experience in making one. I just hope everything works out.