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Re: When looking for a job...

What were the 2 websites I should be checking? I THINK IT MIGHT OF BEEN ERASED
I should have been more clear. Here, in this area, there are two big employers, I checked both their websites every day along with the state employment office website. Once in a while I still check, just to see what is out there, though I'm not really looking.

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Re: When looking for a job...

I actually was told in school to apply everywhere! Even places that say "Must have 2-5 years experience"...send in your resume anyway. I was just hired for an MA position with a large oncology office and I found the job posting on Career Builder but you can also get in the phone book and call local offices and just ask them how to go about sending your resume. Job fairs are a good way to get your name out there also!

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Re: When looking for a job...

Is it okay to send a letter(maybe coverletter)/and or your resume to local offices if your not sure if there hiring? Showing that your interested in an medical assistant position and to keep you in mind? I just bought resume paper at a descent price 100 sheets for $8. The 5 envelopes (large size)came with 5 folders which I probably wont get too much use out of (rather have more envelopes) cost like $10 or $11. Do I use these to send these letters in if I do because the envelopes are expensive.

Re: When looking for a job...

Hello there, You should trust your gut instinct it will not steer you wrong. You must realize there are many Medical Assistant's out there looking for work. If you want to be successful, you must see it your mind that you are working as a Medical Assistant, and that you are happy with whom you are working for, and seeing that you are making the wage you want to make. Just keep that in the back of your mind. It's going to take a lot of work on your part of going to interviews, and keep applying online, and going to different clinics and Doctor's offices and giving them your resume and always be dressed like a professional. And one important "Always say please and thank you, and always smile".

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