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Re: ANYONE out there taken CMA EXAM or will?

Better get to it, then. If you study hard you will very likely pass. Don't forget to review your own notes from class. They are an equally, if not more important study material also. Good luck.

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Re: ANYONE out there taken CMA EXAM or will?

THANKS! Always some studying to do.

Re: ANYONE out there taken CMA EXAM or will?

It looks like we are studying from the same book! I have the Lippincott Williams & Wilkins "Medical Assisting Exam Review for CMA & RMA Certification" by Helen J. Houser and Janet R. Sesser. Mine also came with a CD which I have found very helpful. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want a study buddy :)

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Re: ANYONE out there taken CMA EXAM or will?

Wow cool...yes I will let you know if I have any questions. How familiar do we have to be with coding? I took a health and reimbursement class but didnt learn much about actually coding.Most of the girls in the class were going for medical coding and they had all the books etc., and this other girl and I who were in the MA program felt like we were at a disadvantage because they had more knowledge about coding than us. I hope we will not have to code anyhting. Also, the A&P chapter was hard to study from for me. I took A&P 1 AND 2 a while ago also. Any tips or places to look? Let me know if you have questions to.

Re: ANYONE out there taken CMA EXAM or will?

Hello there, I'm surprised that you have not grasped on what these folks who been in the field for quite sometime now. You are wasting time asking people for help with how they did on the test and what were the questions on the test. If you study hard with whatever review book you have and keep going over and over it. Like the owner of this forum say's " Your notes you took class will really help you out". You must know not all tests are the same. These tests are setup to see how much knowledge you retained while you were in school, and it measures your skills level. When you pass your test, you'll see how all that studying has paid off. Good luck to you in passing your test, and finding a job to where you will able to use your new skills.

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