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Applied online for job this past Thursday

So I met with the women in the career center at my school last Wed. and Thursday. On Thursday I applied online (took a while)for a position. I received an automated email this morning that said : "We are currently reviewing all applications and, should your experience and qualifications match the organization's needs, we will contact you to discuss further. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications that we receive for all positions, we are unable to provide status updates or additional information to you at this time." The other day the women at my college told me to call the HR department a little after the new year to see if there doing interviews.Should I still call or no? The college is closed now, and I will not be able to get a hold of the women unless she checks her email until January 3rd. Also, I think this posting for the job was 30 days ago or more. Im assuming since the ad is still up they are still looking, and that I got this message. I was surprised it has been on there for more than a month.

Re: Applied online for job this past Thursday

Hi there, I would not get your hopes up on just one job posting. You need to keep posting your resume online and keep updating, and check the spelling on your resume. When a future employer calls you for an interview go to it with confidence, dress for the interview as a professional, and don't be cocky or Miss know it all. When applying for a job trust your instinct. It will not steer you wrong. Good luck.

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Re: Applied online for job this past Thursday

Unfortunately, I received an automated email Monday saying your application has been received. I checked my email yesterday and I was sent an email Tuesday saying I was not selected, but they will keep me on file. I honestly think they found someone a long time ago because the posting was up for over a month, unfortunately I noticed it recently. Im going to keep checking online for job postings. I hope it all works out. Its hard right now, because I am focusing on studying for the CMA exam which I am taking in early February. Also, for now I can only apply for nearby jobs because transportation is an issue at this time. I heard 2 different things about the following, and would like anyone's opinion. Is it appropriate to send local offices a letter or your resume stating your interested in a position and to keep you in mind, or something like that? My business Communications teacher said to never send your resume somewhere if there not hiring, but the women in the career center said it was okay. What if your not sure if there hiring because not everyone posts online.