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Medical Assisting Clinical Questions

I'm currently a medical assisting student and taking Pharmacology at the moment. As of right now we are learning how to calculate doses, and I have to be honest and admit that math isn't my best subject and that I'm doing poorly on the calculations. My question is for medical assists that are in the field to answer a few questions I have such as.

Do medical assistants literally need to take out pen and paper to calculate doses?
Does the physician tell the MA what number on the syringe the medication needs to reach? For example; the patient needs 30 units of medication and I just line up to 30 on the syringe?

Thanks so much.

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Re: Medical Assisting Clinical Questions

It is more likely they say, "I need a half gram of rosephin in exam 11, the mom wants a flu shot and the older sister needs flu, Tdap and mening, fax their sports PE to the school. What is next?"

The rosephin will need to be mixed and you will need to be able to figure out what half is, it comes in a gram vial. The flu is usually multi-dose. Tdap usually comes in single use vial...

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Re: Medical Assisting Clinical Questions

Jefff is right. Doctors, once they have checked your skills and gone over your job description with you often assume you know what they want and they rumble down the list as jefff has described, as they make their rounds. You will EITHER have to pull him or your supervisor aside and admit you aren't sure what it entails, or you will just have to ace the pharmacology course and be extremely good, and confident (the latter is rarely the case.) Accelerated medical assisting programs typically focus on broad basic knowledge in their teachings of pharmacology. It's more or less just an introduction. There even are nurses and pharmacists not always very efficient in pharmacology calculations. It can become very complex and can put you and the doctor in a precarious position when medication orders aren't properly delegated to properly prepared and trained medical assistants. Better speak up!!!!

I've created a website for medical assistants needing to review basic principles and rules in medical office pharmacology. Perhaps it helps to clarify... It's called at - of course.

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