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Medical Assisting vs Medical Administrative Assisting

My school told me that I can strictly ask to do administrative once I become a RMA. There is little focus on administrative even though we do take an insurance/billing/coding class for one month, but most courses are focused on back office.

When I look up jobs, they are asking for clerical and microsoft office experience.

Don't know if I should transfer to the administrative program or just stay where I am.

Help ???

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Re: Medical Assisting vs Medical Administrative Assisting

Mary -

Hi. I am so glad I found your post because I am in a similar situation. By the way your message/question reads, are you saying you'd rather do the administrative side of Med. Assisting?

Well, I was in a program for MA and have now graduated from the academic side of it. I am currently doing my Externship. While in the classroom, we too, focused mainly on the back office/clinical side of Medical Assisting. We did very little and I mean VERY LITTLE on the administrative side. Now that I'm in an office and have done a little bit of both so far, I can say that while both sides are interesting, I am leaning more towards the Admin. side of it. I have office experience(although I haven't worked in a dr's office b4) and I just think i'd like that part better.

I don't know for sure and hope that someone that has been through this will reply to your post. I'm wondering if we could use any admin side from our externship as "experience"? I would think so because its just as much a part of it as the clinical side is. I plan on asking about this in the next few days and I will come back here to let you know what I found out.

Good luck to you!

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