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Don't Know What To Do?

I am 37 years of age and live in Ohio. I have been in school for approximately a month now. I entered in the 2 year program but am going to change it to the 1 year program. After making the decision to go back to school I feel great but after thinking about this I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. I would rather be a L.P.N. and wonder if I should first be a M.A. then go for L.P.N. or if I should withdrawl for M.A. and try to go for L.P.N.
Does anyone know the difference between an Associate of Administrative Medical Asst.(2years to get) and just a Medical Assistant (1 year to get) are? Is the pay different? Should I stay in the 2 year program? Please any help would be appreciated!!!

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Re: Don't Know What To Do?

Hi Tammy,
I think that if you want to be an LPN you should go for that and drop the medical assistant course. The credits for medical assistant won't really transfer. Unless you really want to experience being an MA, then you should do the medical assistant course. I don't know the difference between the administrative medical asst. and a medical assistant. In just the medical assistant course we learned everything, injections, blood draws, EKGs, counting cells, urinalysis, we only touched on medical billing and coding, medical transcription, medical insurance, to name a few. Mainly medical assistants work in clinics, or urgent care. They don't use medical assistants in Hospitals,or at least very few do, or nursing homes, at least they don't here in WI. LPNs can work in doctors clinics, hospitals, urgent care,or nursing homes. It depends on where you live for pay. Some places don't pay as well as others and it depends on experience. It would be best to try to find out the pay range for your area. I guess the decision is really yours to make. You'll just have to go with your gut feeling on this. I hope this helps a little to help you decide. Good luck to you.

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Re: Re: Don't Know What To Do?

Dear Julie,
Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to my questions and uncertainties! Your input is very helpful.
I think if I stayed in the 2 year program it would be "wasting" my time. I would rather spend that second year going for my L.P.N.
Again Julie, thank you for your for your help, it is very much appreciated.

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Re: Re: Re: Don't Know What To Do?

I think you made a wise choice. Good luck!

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Re: Don't Know What To Do?

I agree with Julie. If you KNOW you want to be a LPN there is no good reason to get your MA diploma. As far as the pay, it depends on your location. can answer your questions on that! The only benefit to a two year degree is IF it's an Associate of Arts and you plan to get a Bachelor's in the future. An Associate Degree could get you 1/2 way through your Bachelor's if you plan accordingly. Most MA programs do not give you an Associates of Arts that fully transfers to Universities so if you have no desire for a BA, then go for the LPN! Best Wishes!!!!

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Re: Don't Know What To Do?


Here is a good website for salary calculation!

Hope that helps!!!!

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