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interested in becoming an MA

Hello all
im interesting in becoming an MA but need more info before i make a decision. Is there a need for male MA?
I heard MA can do xray and ultrasound. Is this true? what exactly do they do regarding xray and ultrasound? is the pay more in hospital? I want to do medical billing but should i go for medical transcriptionist or MA? i suppose MT are more indepth than MA when it comes to billing? thanks all

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Re: interested in becoming an MA

I always think there is a need for males in the medical field. MA's here can be trained to take limited x-rays, but in order to do full x-rays and ultrasound one needs to be a rad tech which is a 2 year program. If you know that you want to do billing, then medical coding may be the direction you want to go in. Good luck whatever you choose!

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Re: interested in becoming an MA

There is a need for GOOD MA's (male or female!)!

If you like working with people and want to be in the healthcare field, getting an MA diploma would be great. If you'd rather work with paper, computers, or numbers but still have an interest in the healthcare field, then go for medical billing or transcription. It's really up to you; I would research different programs and talk with the recruiters at the colleges in your area for additional opinions.

As far as X-Ray, the MA's in WA can be trained on the job for X-Ray, but we are not trained in school for that. I'm uncertain about ultra sound - never seen an MA working US but perhaps in hospitals they can? Most MA's out here work in clinics not hospitals.

Good luck with your decision!

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Re: interested in becoming an MA


I'm in PA. Like the previous answer said, MA's can be trained for limited X-ray (extremities) but not sonography here. The only place here that you'd even do limited is in an ortho office and you probably won't get paid more to do it, it'd be part of your MA job.

It's a great job, but unless you really luck out, you'd have a hard time supporting a family with it. I make 8.75 an hour with a MAJOR hospital chain (dr's office). Luckily, my husband makes enough that I don't really have to work so that's not an issue here. It does however really tick me off that I draw blood, do injections, etc. and there's a grocery store nearby that starts cashiers out at $9.00 an hour. That just doesn't seem right. There could be serious consequences if I screw up on the job and I think the pay should mirror that responsibility.

MA's here are used in hospitals in tech positions, the job title might be EKG tech, phlebotomist, etc. but not typically an actual MA job. Pay usually isn't much different.

I do however have nice perks. M-F hours, no weekends, no holidays, really good lunches compliments of the drug reps, 2 weeks paid vacation first year (and I'm part-time).

Like the other poster said, we need good MA's male OR female. Just make sure you've researched the $$$ issue well. Also, typically, a 2 year degree doesn't pay ANY more than a diploma or certificate program. Make sure your program is accredited by the AAMA or ABHES program so you can sit for either the RMA or CMA exam. Even though I don't make any more than the girls who aren't certified in my office, I wanted the certification.


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Re: interested in becoming an MA

you should check out this site:

Medical Assistant


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