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Would Like Some Positive Feedback

I have a got a half semester and one more semester to go before I am finished, but I am really starting to get worried that I am not going to like being a MA. I am really nervous about doing all the clinical things, because I don't want to mess anything up on the job. I love doing things on the computer and was wondering if some doctors would let a medical asst. work in just the front office part. Is there anyone else who felt like this or is just me. All replies would be appreciated.

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Re: Would Like Some Positive Feedback

I was totally nervous about doing clinicals. I kept thinking what if I do something wrong. Then when I started clinicals, everything was fine. The people I worked with helped me, they would ask if I wanted to do something if I felt comfortable with it. They really put my mind at ease. The first day I mainly just watched just to get to know the routine, then the second day I was doing everything, it was great. If you like computers, then yes, some places will just let you do administrative things,or front office duties. I myself like doing the medical charts, that has to do with computers and filing etc., maybe that is something you would enjoy. You just have to try all the options. Hope this helps, and good luck.

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Re: Would Like Some Positive Feedback

Don't worry just yet. Once you get into clinicals, you may just find you enjoy it. Everything new is scary at first. Once you actually help someone, you may have a different feeling about it.
In terms of front office, I have only seen MA's as office managers. The front office staff is usually untrained personnel. They like to use CMA's for all of their skills, floating from front to back.

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Re: Would Like Some Positive Feedback


Does your program offer an externship? If so, you'll have first hand experience and be able to see what parts of MA you love and what parts are maybe the less desireable for you. Even so, an externship is different than "the real thing" and every office is different from another.

As far as front office, I know that many offices hire MA's for front office work. In fact, I just graduated from MA school last month and had four interviews for employment. TWO of them wanted me to do front office at least 90% of the time. I ended up accepting an offer at a third clinic which happens to be 100% back office because that's where I want to be.

You'll find out what you're best suited for and then pursue that avenue! Plus, no decision is final - you may start out in the front thinking you enjoy that the most and then end up loving the back down the road. It's an individual choice and the cool thing about MA training is that we're trained for both.

So enjoy your program and look forward to the "hands on" experience to come. You'll have answers to lots of your questions once you're in the field.

Good luck to you!!!!

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Re: Re: Would Like Some Positive Feedback

I'm gonna tell you like it is!!!!!!!!!! on your externsite you'll know if you like this or not,if you already fell this way chances are that you probably want. but do your best on your externsite, if you don't like it play like you do!!!! because this is the only job that you'll be able to put on your resume for experience. if you have a goo attitude on the job, and show your willingness to learn, anyone will hire you for the front or back. attitude is everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Re: Would Like Some Positive Feedback

Don't worry about that . I felt the same way when I was a student nurse. Do one thing at a time and take notes. GOOD LUCK!

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