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Questions from MA student

Hi, I'm a MA student in Colorado Springs. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about Remington College. Hopefully a good reputation. Also what is an externship like? I'm wondering how you know what to do and when to do it?
Also do MA's work in the NICU? I had 3 children in there when they were born(hard pregnancys) and have much empathy for parents in that situation and think I'd be very good at that.


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Re: Questions from MA student

Hi Robyn,
Since I am from Wisconsin I can't really say what Remington College is like. As for the externship, most of the things I did, I knew what to do as it was things that I learned in class. For instance, to do an ear lavage, I first watched one of the other CMAs do it, then I did it. Another is to perform an EKG, you just know how to do it from learning it in class. Since I did not assist a doctor in class, I first watched the CMA assist, then when he had a test to perform, I assisted. It was quite enjoyable. My externship was very enjoyable, and I learned plenty that we did not go through in class also, but they all were very helpful, made me feel real comfortable. I guess it is up to your instructor where you go. I know our instructor had everything planned very well for us. I was in internal medicine, I was in the lab, did medical transcription, coding, and I was in orthopeadics. I did not get to go into OB/GYN or NICU. But again I think it depends on your instructor. I hope your externship goes well for you. Good luck with everything.

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Re: Re: Questions from MA student

Julie thank you for the reply. I'm being very well trained I think. ( I Hope!!) I think I'm just very nervous about doing it in the real world. Part of me wants to stay in school forever because it seems almost easier. The other is so excited to have a career after 12 years of raiseing kids that are now in school. I'm just afraid to get out there and be slow or not know something. I'm glad this board is here,lots of knowledge. The training seems like it is going so fast, but I really love learning all this stuff.

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Re: Questions from MA student

I did my externship at the family practice I now work at. I followed one of the girls for a day and then they threw me in.

MA's don't typically work in hospitals so I highly doubt you'd be able to work NICU. You'd have a better chance getting into a hospital setting as a tech (EKG tech, phlebotomist, etc) or as a CNA.


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