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Type of healthcare setting for my externship?

Hi. I have three months left of classes and then I am supposed to do a 2-month (240 hour) externship at a clinical site. I want the most exposure to the most different things I can get, and I want much more clinical/procedural experience than front desk, secretarial work. What type of setting should I choose for my externship? Do hospitals only use MAs for appointments and check-in? I want to be doing all back office if I can, or at least half and half. Is a doctor's office or clinic better than a hospital? Any advice would really help me out. Thanks. -LK

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Re: Type of healthcare setting for my externship?

I would try a clinic, preferably family practice. You can get alot of experience there from paps to lesion removals, to sutures to drawing labs, patient check in, immunizations, peds to geriatric. It a good free for all.

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Re: Type of healthcare setting for my externship?

I work in a family practice. We do blood draws, injections, assist with paps, hemocults, urinalysis, BP's...etc.

A wide range of experience. I personally prefer a busy office, I hate a slow pace.


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Re: Type of healthcare setting for my externship?

I agree with the above replies. If you want variety, go with family practice! You'll see it all!! Never a dull moment :o).

I did my externship at an occupational health but my current job requires me to rotate between family practice and peds; I wish my extership was with family because I would have been better prepared. On the contrary, there's something to be learned from any experience, so just go for where you're assigned with an open and learning mind! Absorb it all and take the opportunities to ask lots of quesitons! You'll do great!

Good luck to you.

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