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Online MA Programs

Hello my name is lisa and I was wondering if anyone knows about 100% online training programs. I am thinking of a college in CA and I live in MN. I checked out the website, Accreditations, finacial aid office, and even spoke to a addmissions counselor. Everything is great but I am bot sure if I can do all the hands on part online. My externship will be 10 weeks long and that is where I will get my hands on training. I would like some feed back on this info. My class starts next week!!!! Thanks Lisa

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Re: Online MA Programs

I don't see how you can do it completely online. How can you learn venipuncture? Dressing changes, EKG's injections, without practicing on a real person? I can see the theory courses being online, but not the clinical portion.

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Re: Online MA Programs

Just remember: online training providers, non-traditional universities, and so called virtual colleges that offer distance learning programs have different accreditation standards than brick-and-mortar universities, colleges, and vocational training institutions. They may be great courses for many but always make sure they meet your specific goals!

Use Common Sense!!!

It is always prudent before joining any online programs to get in touch with the provider of the courses to ask questions. One should also contact the accrediting organization to find out whether a program is truly legitimately accredited by them, and to confirm the quality of the online training courses.

Online Programs:

One important aspect to consider when selecting an online learning program is the school's reputation. The school must be honest and credible in their dealings with the public, have a clean record, and should be accredited and approved by the right organization!

Online courses are seldom accredited, or approved by the board of education and unless they truly have met or exceed established national standards. The application process for reviews and approval is tedious and lengthy. Only the best achieve accreditation!

Those institutions who went through the process and are approved will always have their program's accreditation status visibly posted on their Web site and online course catalogs.

Awareness is the Key!

It is the presence of a number of certain features taken together that should signal to students that they may be dealing with a “mill.”

Web page advertisements that contain text, images, seals, and any profound sounding designations to proclaim that a school and their programs are accredited may contain words such as approved, accredited, accreditation pending, authorized, chartered, licensed, empowered, sponsored, recognized, and registered. Web sites that feature such ads should be critically examined to determine whether these claims are merely common catch phrases, or the assertions are legit.

Those whose goal is proper vocational training to receive a much desired promotion, or to achieve educational goals that will allow them advance into a new position or career must graduate from courses that are accredited not just by any, but by the RIGHT organizations. Read more here:

Danni R.

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Re: Online MA Programs

I am currently enrolled in an online MA course through Keiser College and I will do my externship at a local hospital, doctors office or urgent care and that is where you get your lab practices at. They have to check you off on sticks, lab, etc. They are also sending me a fake arm to practice on! Email me if you have any more questions!

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Re: Re: Online MA Programs

Has anyone ever heard of taking an MA certifying exam online,at home? I had a classmate who insisted her co-worker did this,although it was never proven.I don't see how it can be possible,much less legit.

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Re: Online MA Programs

I am a graduate of Keiser. It is one of the best in the nation. If you live in Florida, where Keiser is based, almost every employer knows of Keiser, and they are VERY well respected. They are regionally accredited, by the SACS, and nationally, by ABHES. This means that you are getting a regionally accredited degree, with the option to take the national (governmentally recognized) exam, RMA.
I know that my education at keiser was better than 99% of my collegues: most MA schools teach the very basics, but at Keiser, you are taught (and expected to achieve) excellence.

Let me know if you have any questions...

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Re: Online MA Programs

And might I add... Keiser is one of the VERY few schools in the nation that prepare students to take the State X-ray Tech exam...

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Re: Re: Online MA Programs


Thank you for posting this very helpful feedback.

"I am a graduate of Keiser. It is one of the best in the nation. If you live in Florida, where Keiser is based, almost every employer knows of Keiser, and they are VERY well respected. They are regionally accredited, by the SACS, and nationally, by ABHES. This means that you are getting a regionally accredited degree, with the option to take the national (governmentally recognized) exam, RMA."
End of Quote.

It was especially helpful because lately I have been posting articles about the importance of proper education for medical assistants at accredited schools (and stressing that not just ANY accreditation will do - such as for example the ones that St. Augustine Medical Assistat Educational Services online are advertising for their online course -- which is pretty much worthless).

I've been reminding potential medical assistant students about hidden pitfalls of online courses, and the value of proper supervised training in clinical areas through a number of my web sites I own and manage.

See for example:

I know the information and warnings are helpful, however, I also realize that this leaves one question wide open in the prospective student's mind: Which are the good (distance education schools) and which ones are the bad.

I have been asked this very question more than a thousand times (via my website's contact form). Unfortunately, my standard response is almost always: "Please understand I cannot know all schools across each state of the nation)" which makes me feel bad. I wish I could provide better answers, however, I make sure that at least I provide these people with knowledge and the tools to be informed.

But there is light at the end of this tunnel and a rather simple solution: The people who have been there! There is a plethora of disgruntled people and successful graduates from coast to coast who CAN answer questions about specific schools. Therefore, I encourage EVERY ONE who has experienced the challenge to take the time to share their knowledge regarding medical assistant programs and schools (online and traditional) -- whether good or bad!

Thanks a million.

Danni R.
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