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are you thinking of being a MA?

If anyone is reading this and is thinking of becoming a medical assistant. Do not do it!!! I repeat DO NOT DO IT!!!

Re: are you thinking of being a MA?

Wow - what happened? You need to give details as to what has made you so unhappy.

There are lots of people happily employed as MAs. I think as long as you go into it with your eyes wide open to the low pay and issues with your scope of practice (eg- different offices have different guidelines on what they want their MAs to do), then I don't see the problem.

If you go into it thinking you are going to make lots of money, will never have a problem finding work and will get to do all of the things nurses do, then I can see a problem.

You wont get rich doing this, and for many people it is not a lifelong career but merely an intermediate step to get them some experience in the field to clarify whether they want to do admin or go on to nursing or some other direct care position.

Sorry you had such a hard time. Without knowing your situation I can't help but I do want to say that every clinic is different and you might find better luck at a different employer. If you are having trouble finding work, that's a little tougher, but some areas have a higher need than other areas for this kind of work and you might have to consider that. I know all about how where you live can affect the kind of work you can find. I have to follow my husband around the country for his job.

Good luck to you whatever you do.

Re: are you thinking of being a MA?

I have been happily working as a CMA since 1993. :)

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Re: Re: are you thinking of being a MA?

I can understand frustration within the job field that we all chose to be in. But I totally agree. If you go into this thinking that you are going to make alot of mnoey with a full benefit package, think again. This type of profession requires a special type of person to be in. You must totally care about the patients well being and making sure that they get the treatment that they need. You must never be argumentive with them, always show support and kindness no matter how bad your day has been. I have known medical at a very young age; taking care of my mother and grandfather and having to raise my younger sister and brother while my father was off at work. Its a reqarding career in the long run, just knowing that someone looks up to you and says thank you and knowing that you've helped someone. When physicians see this within the workfield and they receive good comments about there staff...this benefits you wehn its time for evaluations. You can take your experience and also choose to go into a higher field of nursing....but even there there pay is going to fluctuate depending on what state and area you live in. I have worked with the greatest of physicians and staff....but I have never regreted in what I have learned along the way thru out the years. I truly wish you the best in whatever your decision is. But in all honesty, in the end, the rewards are priceless.

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