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I work with a dr.(female) I'm a nurse, she hired me as her assistant (family practice) I do vitals, draw blood, adm. medications, type letters , I even write and called for the prescriptions. I am also biligual. She even want me to vacuum , clean the bathroom, take the garbage out and bring the heavy stuff she gets in her car to the office,(I am a woman too)all for $10.00/hr. I think she is using me. I've been here for 4 months with no pay increase and she said she can't afford a cleaning guy. I live in Florida, What should I do, wait to get more experience or leave? Help,please. Thanks

Re: Help!

Not to say that you should become someone's "girl friday" ever, but if you can bear it a little longer, start looking for a better job while you are there (while you grin and bear it). As soon as you find a postition in another practice, clinic, or hostpital It's time to say sarinara, ciao, a bientot, see ya, etc.. But be professional about it. The latter was an exaggeration. A proper resignation letter is good policy. You might have do depend on her for your recommentadion.

You are right, you will get the experience out of this, and that is important. Many employers who hire medical assistants want at least 1-2 years. Also, to get certified based on experience, you need a certain amount of years under your belt.

Be smart about it.

Danni R.

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Re: Help!

Danni made some good points.

I have to add one thing. Are you an LPN or an RN? You said you were a nurse, so that's what I assume you mean. You can make more than $10/hr as a nurse, especially if you are willing to move out of the physician office setting. So if you have an LPN or RN license, I don't see the point in keeping your current job once you find a new one.

Otherwise, if you are an MA and not a nurse, Danni is right - if you can hold on a while longer, you will have experience to put on your resume. And 4 mos is not a long time to wait for a raise. 6 mos or a year is standard for salary reviews.

Good luck

Re: Help!

I agree. If you are a nurse, that sounds like a low starting wage, especially in Florida. As an MA that sounds about right. I'd hold out until something else comes along.

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Re: Help!

I agree Tracy. I live in the southeast near the FL border and MAs start around $10 - 11/hr around here.

Re: Help!

Hello Paloma:
I don't know how much they pay in florida. But you should not vacuum,clean the bathroom, take the garbage, bring the stuff to car.

wait 6 months. start apply the for the job, then you can leave the job. You don't have to have experiance 1 0r 2 years at one place.