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Hey everyone,

I have a quick question. I just finished my externship at a cancer center, and was wondering if graduating from an accredited school makes me a CMA. I will be taken the registry exam in April, 2006. Now that will make me an RMA right? I have been reading some other posts, and it looks like that when you graduate from an accredited MA school that it makes you a CMA and then when you take your NRCMA exam that makes you an RMA. I just would like some clarification on this. I am probably one of the few guys that are in this forum, and I don't know why other guys don't want to enther this field. I have been in the medical field since I was 15 and have not changed career paths yet. I only had about 3 guys in my graduating class at the school I attended. It is sad that there are not many guys in nursing or MA. We are a rare bunch when it comes to nursing or medical assisting. I appreciate the time and effort you are taking to answer my question. Thanks, and everyone have a great week.

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Re: CMA vs. RMA

Check out some of the other posts on this forum in regards to this same question. RMA and CMA are both certifiocations, the association is different. Nose around and see if any of the other posts answer your question. Welcome! :)

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Re: CMA vs. RMA

Graduating from a CAAHEP or ABHES school ALLOWS you to take the exam for either CMA or RMA. However, neither of these certifications are automatic just because you've graduated from an accredited school. There are many accrediting agencies out there. AAMA (CMA) and AMT (RMA) are the most widely recognized.

So to answer:

No, just graduating from an "accredited" school doesn't make you a CMA. You have to graduate from either a CAAHEP or ABHES accredited school AND pass the AAMA exam. I've never even heard of the NRCMA exam. The exam for RMA is given by AMT. To sit for that exam you must either graduate from a CAAHEP or ABHES school or have five years experience in the field.

Here are links:

I think most guys don't go into this field because of the pay...hard to support a family on.



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