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Has anyone done an online Medical assisting program? If so which one did you do and did you get certified? I am looking into a few online programs but I can not find any information on if they are approved through the AAMA. I just spoke to Penn Foster an online program and they said they are approved through the American medical technologists and you can sit for the CMA exam through them. I need to know any thing anyone can tell me. Thanks!!!!

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I did most of my A.S. degree online. My school was regionally accredited, and by ABHES. You can sit for the RMA exam (American Medical Technologists) and your state x-ray licensing exam.

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Just to clarify, if you're sitting for the AMT exam, you won't be a CMA, you'll be a RMA.

CMA is reserved for those who take the test through the AAMA.


I'd check the ABHES site if I were you, I couldn't find Penn Foster listed there but it's entirely possible I missed it.

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Actually you are still a certified medical assistant, so yes you are a CMA.
You are registered with AMT, so they have RMA on your certificate.

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Yes and no to Lorraine and Tracy. Tracy is making a point which Lorraine meant the same but wasn't clear about. It is a matter of how it's being said.

The AAMA reserves the proprietary rights to the credentials "Certified Medical Assistant" which is abbreviated CMA.

The Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) is certified as a medical assistant. One must understand what certification means then it's easier to understand that certified and a registered means the same thing.

But CMA and RMA are not the same thing. They are credentials issued by two different but well respected certification bodies.

I hope that my words didn't get in the way and it helps to clarify the preceeding posts. Words can be tricky.


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