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ST. Augustine Medical Assistant Online Education
Has anyone heard of this school? Or taken the program with them? I was looking at online medical assisting schools and found this one, along with Penn Foster and others.
I am trying to find an online program that I can do and get certified with. I seen you can get certified through the AMT, NHA and AAMA. What is the differnce betwen these?
I am a clinical assistant(CNA) at a hospital and am just wanting to add a short term program to help me with my current position and raise my hourly wage a bit. Any online programs that are short term that any of you know of please let me know so I can choose the best one. Thank you!!

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Re: St. Augustine Medical Assistant Online School.

St. Augustine Educational Services is one example where awareness pays off before signing up for their medical assistant program. St. Augustine Educational Services on the Internet AKA St. Augustine Medical Assistant School (St Augustine medical assistant - Search) is advertised on the Internet as an accredited medical assistant online school. Cost: $645 -- Non-refundable! Their web site is located at and along with a number of other sister sites and a blog.

As seen on St. Augustine's home page:
"An Accredited, Convenient and Affordable Online Distance Education Program. You can now study online to earn an accredited Medical Assistant Certificate in just 6-8 weeks!"

The US Department of Education has recently posted clear and explicit warnings against schools that make exactly these kind of promises!


They also warn about deception by using fake accrediting agencies. St. Augustine Medical Assistant School, for example, states that the schools is accredited by an organization called “The National Certification Board”. The National Certificatin Board's web site is at where for a one-time-fee of just $200 anyone can buy accreditation for alternative health programs, colleges and graduates. By the way, they are based in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Armed with this information, you will be the judge whether St. Augustine Medical Assistant School online is for you.

Read the full story (there is more!!!) about St. Augustine Educational Services at Medical Assistant Education Caution: online medical assistant programs and what the US Department of Education wants you to know!

The website address is


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