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I Got A Job!!

HEllo, it has been a while since my last post here, but, I have a lil something to offer everyone here looking for a job fresh out of school or almost done with their externship!!

First of all what I did was to extend my externship for one year, payment free, it was hard yes, but well worth it during my interview a couple weeks ago with the biggest hospital system in my state!

Yes I got the job, working in Ortho Trauma, the pay is $12.00/hr and what I will be doing is all the things I learned in MA school as far as patient care goes, but for trauma patients,so it is a lil more extensive, the experience though is priceless, I sure can tell ya that, when I finish there, maybe after three yrs or so, I will be able to go just about anywhere I want, but instead I think I wanna further my education, no not to be a RN, I really have researched that, and well, let's just say, it's not for me, I think I like Surgical Technology, it's a twelve month hospital sponsored program! But after I complete my ninety day probationary period, I will get another dollar increase, then every six months to each yr another raise. But we have day one benifits and work twelve hr shifts!

I have been reading some of the posts here, and if you already have a job, then this is not directed towards you, it's stimulation for those who are at their witts end.
Just remain positive, I say that extending your self, to your externship site is a plus,please don't get me wrong I know it's not easy to work for free, oh gosh, just thinking about it, but who's to even say that you'd have to do it for a full yr, maybe just a summer or a couple extra months, it's really something to look into, if you can. Again this is not for everyone, this is just something I did on my own, one of my own lil bright ideas. Please no flame me, I just thought i'd share with someone who just dont know what their gonna do about that upcomming student loan, by the way, in order for me to continue my "self-extended" externship, I had to get a defferment on my loan, it's defferred untill Sept of this yr, so actually I got a job just in time,this could have proven to be a very dangerous move for me, so again, like I say it's not for every one, just another option!

I really hope I could help someone else, from one MA to another!!

And yes, MA's do get treated with respect and dignity, the key is to carry yourself like a professional, and don't forget that you are one. It first starts with your appearance, this is what I have learned from actual on-the-job experiences. Iron ur clothes, leave all the jewelry at home, ur co-workers dont need to see it, keep it simple, the perfume, keep it minimal to non existent, sick people don't wannna smell it! Go easy on the make up! Just some of the things I have picked up in "the field"! I promise ya it will take you a long way, you WILL have full respect, believe me, I do, and other MA's in my hospital do as well!

Take Care

Good Luck

M. C.

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Re: I Got A Job!!

Congratulations!! Great news. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity! :)

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Re: I Got A Job!!

Sounds like a great job! Congratulations!

After paying daycare I am netting very little pay which sometimes gets discouraging - its a nice reminder to hear that the experience is worth something in itself.

Be sure to come back and tell us about what you have been doing at work - it sounds pretty interesting. I type ortho clinic office notes but that gets a little repetitive!

Re: I Got A Job!!

I think it's great that they let you do your externship for a year. It's a good way to get an experience even if there's no paycheck, because after it you got hired! They should make such opportunities availabe everywhere to all MA's in training

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