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How not to get hired...

As a former instructor I know that MAs coming out of school get some guidance on how to put together a resume, dress for an interview, and put forth an all around professional image. I now believe alot of it is going in one ear and out the other

At my current position I am amazed at the ill formatted resumes with mis-spellings that come in. Also people who walk their resumes in wearing sweats.

Do these people realize that the front desk staff is instructed to note the appearance and professionalism of the prospective employee when they drop off resumes? It is put on a sticky note on the front of the resume.

You can have the best qualifications for a job but your image has alot to do with whether or not you will get hired. I decide within the first 3 minutes of an interview if you will get hired.

So if you have been looking for a job for an extended period of time please take a close look at your resume and image. Ask someone you know that has done hiring to give some constructive advice. Most of all do not just "wait" for the job to come to you...go after it.

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Re: How not to get hired...

I have to agree here. I am a receptionist and whenever someone turns a resume or application in, I make a note. Were they polite, nice, dressed to impress?
And just a note about how they do it where I work- they will not call for an interview just because you sent a resume in and they are hiring for that position. You must fill out one of our applications. So, if you're sending resumes in, call in a week and ask if it got there, and if there is an application that you should come in and fill out. If you are dropping off a resume, just ask if there is an application for you to fill out.